Employee Share Ownership Plan

ESOP Builders allows employees, who qualify, to purchase shares in their employer’s company, with or without the monetary assistance from the company. Employees can acquire shares, and ownership through ESOP that can range from 1% – 100%. This is an excellent method for small business owners wishing to retire and sell their business.

The key aspect is that employees have an ownership stake in the company they work for, and share in the risks and rewards that accrue to it. ESOPs are appropriate for companies of small to large size, in all kinds of industries.

Erickson College

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Erickson College is a worldwide educational organization, providing professional training programs in coaching and human development across the globe. Erickson is dedicated to expanding the key technologies of Coaching & Business Leadership. Erickson College’s mission is to create improvement in the lives of everyone and they believe that the practice of true coaching gives a person the experience of finding one’s inner genius.



HRSG (Human Resources Systems Group) helps build engaged and productive workforces. There is a deliberate, process based, transfer of knowledge from HRSG to your organization with the end result being solutions that make you self-sufficient rather than reliant. They ensure that challenges are clearly and precisely identified and the right solution is provided. Solutions that are integrated, easy to implement, practical and workable.

Ownership Thinking

Ownership Thinking is a consulting and training firm dedicated to unleashing the potential of its client organizations. They provide the training and tools required to develop a workforce of “ownership thinkers” who become active participants in their company’s financial success. Ownership Thinking is the cure for the entitlement mentality in the workplace, and the path to a mentality of earning.

Prevue HR Systems Inc.


Prevue HR Systems Inc. (formerly known as Prevue Assessments) provides companies with HR assessment and online recruiting systems. These systems improve hiring success and retention, increase the speed of hire and enhance employee development. The system utilizes Psychometrics – the branch of psychology concerned with the design, administration and interpretation of quantitative tests or assessments to measure variables such as intelligence, aptitude and personality traits. Prevue HR Systems Inc. is focused on their clients’ HR management success and makes every effort to understand their clients’ business and HR environment.