Our authors are successful leaders, business owners, and facilitators who have developed content in an area in which they specialize. They have chosen to work with TAC due to our expertise in paced learning programs, and our expertise providing coaches, consultants, trainers, and facilitators with high quality tools to serve their clients. These authors are also regular contributors to our TAC Blog – a database of hundreds of articles on topics affecting businesses everyday.

Caroline Rowan

Caroline Rowan

Caroline Rowan is a business coach and the president of CVR Leadership, a company that specializes in providing Clear Verifiable Results through facilitating organizational development. The focus is on developing strong leaders who will, in turn, develop the rest of the people within the organization. She supports this process with team development and One-on-One Coaching. Caroline works with a variety of organizations, both small and large.

Caroline’s business success comes from her dedication and full involvement. Her strengths are in her abilities to help people to grow and develop and obtain results through changing behaviour.

Caroline is the author of four TAC programs: Results-Centred Leadership, Results-Centred Teamwork, Coaching for Success, and RADAR.

Dr. Kit Silcox

Kit Silcox has been helping people discover and use their leadership potential for over 25 years as a university professor, business owner and management development facilitator. He has university degrees in Engineering, Management Sciences and Business.

In 1985, Kit established Professional Advisors as a vehicle for him to deliver the understanding and skills he acquired to people of all walks of life. Since then, Professional Advisors has grown to offer training programs in all aspects of organizational leadership, from long-term strategy to day-to-day management. He also owns Milestones Systems Inc., a publisher of management training programs.

Kit is the author of TAC’s Business Strategy programs: Milestones and Milestones Strategy Retreat.

Wayne Vanwyck

Wayne works with many local, national and international firms as a sales and leadership trainer, consultant and speaker, and has a reputation for getting measurable, specific results. This dedication to results means that over 95% of his business comes from referrals and repeat business.

Wayne is a regular columnist for a number of business magazines and has published over 200 articles on sales, management and entrepreneurship. Wayne is the author of the bestselling book Pure Selling, an internationally distributed program. He has also written The Business Transition Crisis for business owners planning to sell their business.

Wayne is the author of TAC’s programs: Pure Selling, Effective Delegation and The Business Transition Coach Forum.