Business Strategy

If your business is like most organizations, your strategy may be outdated, inappropriate, or non-existent. It is possible to have a current, relevant strategy to align the organization to common goals. Discover why the Milestones process streamlines the creation of values, vision, mission, and strategic objectives. Milestones can be offered as an 8 session program or a 2-day retreat. TAC can tailor a strategy development program to meet your needs.

In a recent study of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) , it was found that 34% of working IEPs said that their employers do not have the resources to address cultural and new Canadian issues in the workplace.

Leading Canadian companies are using diversity as an advantage to meet their corporate goals. The many benefits include the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled workforce, better positions within global markets, increased creativity and innovation as well as higher overall corporate performances.

This program addresses individuals’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours while developing intercultural competencies. t is based on empirical data from the researchers at the Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.*

Strategic goal setting for bottom line results.

The truth is, most strategic plans fail to be realized for a multitude of reasons. Milestones™ is different because it not only facilitates the creation of the strategy, but puts in place a process to implement the action plan and monitor progress.

Milestones™ presents a strategic planning process for developing a long-term vision and mission supported by short-term goals. It’s designed to move the organization towards its new destination, using focused discussion by the leadership team to make real-time decisions about the future of the organization.

Milestones™ is a structured process that starts with the values, mission, and vision, but adds the elements of strategic objectives, execution, and follow-up to drive success.

Strategic goal setting for bottom line results.

The Milestones Strategy Retreat™ is a strategic planning process for developing a longterm vision and mission, supported by short-term goals. It is designed to move the organization towards its new destination by focused discussion and decisions about the future from the leadership team.

This program is intended for smaller organizations or larger establishments where the leadership team wishes to review or create an initial strategy quickly.

The Milestones Strategy Retreat™ is a structured process that starts with the essential ingredients for success: values, mission, and vision, but adds the elements of strategic objectives, execution, and follow up to drive success.

The team determines these elements by completing an assessment of the organization and its environment. The group will then decide on central values of the organization, a vision of the firm, and an overall strategy supported by long-term performance targets.