HR Tools

Finding and retaining the best employees is a key objective for any organization, but they often spend too much time sifting through resumes to find the best applicants, sometimes resulting in hiring the wrong candidate for the position. From recruiting talent to assessing your current staff, we provide tools to save you time and increase the likelihood you will attract – and retain – the best people.

Prevue Assessments

The Prevue™ Employee Assessment can help you facilitate better hiring and promotion decisions by providing objective information for people-related evaluations. This tool helps clarify individual strengths for employee performance & development purposes and delivers efficient results.


Prevue™’s employee assessment provides information about a candidate’s abilities, interests, motivation, and personality traits. When used with a customized benchmark, these reports compare the candidate to those of top job performers with an overall percentage of job suitability. Suggested interview questions are included.

Coaching and Development

Prevue™ can also assist management in determining areas of coaching and training that could improve the performance of a current employee, including what type of instruction would be appropriate for that individual.

Succession Planning

Determining what jobs within an organization best suit an individual can help in succession planning. By comparing an individual to a range of internal job benchmarks, or comparing a number of employees to a specific job, the organization can make decisions to match talent to needs, or assess what additional skills someone may need to grow into a new role.

Prevue Screen

In less than ten minutes, Prevue Screen provides hiring managers with a clear screening indicator of Doubtful, Possible, or Good, based on a benchmark for the role being filled. These indicators clearly show whether the candidate should be moved to the next step in the hiring process.

Designed and developed as a complement to application processes, the Prevue Screen personality assessment allows companies to harness the power of psychometrics at the point of application.

Prevue Team-Fit

Increase your team’s productivity with Prevue’s Team-Fit. You’ll discover how different personalities work together, minimizing conflict, improving communication, and optimizing effectiveness in your team.

Prevue’s Team-Fit will bring personality insights to your team, showing how each member works best with one another. The report compares temperaments and highlights opportunities that will promote group success. The descriptions are detailed, yet easy-to-read making it an ideal tool for your team.

Prevue Retail-Fit

The Prevue™ Retail-Fit is designed to be a quick and simple hiring tool for managers in the retail industry. The simple colour-coded result is easy to read and provides you with information to help in the hiring process.

It  provides you with a synopsis of the applicant as well as suggested interview questions and ideal responses. This can be most helpful to junior management navigating the hiring process.

The assessment is fast and mobile friendly which means job applicants that stop in to drop off a resume or fill out an application can take a few minutes of their phone to complete the questions.