HR Tools

Finding and retaining the best employees is a key objective for any company, but companies spend too much time sifting through resumes to find the best applicants, and often results in the wrong hire for the position. From recruiting talent to assessing your current staff, we provide tools to save you time and increase the likelihood you will attract – and retain – the best candidates.

The Prevue APS Pro allows you to find the top candidates for a job without the hassle of managing the details. Your time is freed up to focus on what’s important – hiring top talent to grow your business.

The APS is connected with hundreds of free and paid online job boards around the world. Prevue helps you craft your job ads and pushes them out to as many job boards as you like. Every response is tracked, so you know which sites are the most beneficial to you.

The Prevue™ Employee Assessment can help you facilitate better hiring and promotion decisions by providing objective information for people-related evaluations. This tool helps clarify individual strengths for employee performance & development purposes and delivers results with Internet efficiency.

The Prevue™ Retail-Fit is designed to be a quick and simple hiring tool for managers in the retail industry. The simple colour-coded results is easy to read and provides you with information to help in the hiring process.

In less than ten minutes, Prevue Screen provides hiring managers with a clear screening indicator of Doubtful, Possible, or Good, based on a benchmark for the role being filled. These indicators clearly show whether the candidate should be moved to the next step in the hiring process.