Leadership Development

Whether it’s leading an organization, coaching a team, or self-leadership, TAC has facilitator-led programs to help, and certified coaches to provide the commitment, guidance, support, and accountability to help you be the best leader and coach you can be. Combine these with the right measurement tools, and see why coaching and leadership development are scientifically proven to increase results. Check out our Leadership Development section to learn about our programs, or contact us to customize a solution for you.

Results-Centred Leadership™ enables the organization and everyone in it to achieve superb results. Effective leadership is the single biggest contributor to an organization’s success. Results-Centred Leadership™ builds upon the inherent leadership potential in each person.

Results-Centred Leadership™ participants will discover the benefits achieved by using mutual Win/Win agreements. The program will teach participants the power and effectiveness of regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching and encourage them to coach people to succeed rather than policing them for failure. Participants will notice changes in behaviours and attitudes that produce measurable results!

The program is based on practical experiences for today’s business environment and applies both personally and in the business world, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life.


This course changes one’s thought processes and must be reinforced through review until it becomes second nature. Excellent beyond words.

~ Marilyn Alexander, General Manager Pembroke Comfort Inn

Results-Centred Teamwork™ (RCT) promotes goal-setting, communication, synergy, action and most significantly, results!

Use RCT as a stand-alone leadership training program or as a follow-up to the leadership development program, Results-Centred Leadership™. It is the next generation of team training.

The Results-Centred Teamwork™ leadership training program harnesses and builds the skills and knowledge of team members and forges them into a high-performing work unit.

Coaching For Success™ gives a foundation for coaching within an organization while providing insight into the proven value of coaching, the importance of communication to that process and what should be expected in one-on-one coaching sessions.

It is a great introductory program for anyone in the organization that is initiating coaching as a key communication and development tool. This program can be used as a natural follow-up for managers who have already participated in Results Centred Leadership™ as an opportunity to consolidate the learning.

Business owners and managers need to get out of the weeds and free up their time so they can focus on the opportunities that are approaching.  Organizations need people who are willing and able to take on tasks and perform at an optimal level.

Leading by example is a style of management that is limited in its results. As owner or manager of a department, your job is to train your replacement. Each member of your team is your potential successor enabling you to grow in your career as you help them grow in theirs.