Professional Development

Organizations that invest in the ongoing professional development of their employees have been shown to outperform those that do not. TAC carefully selects programs that meet the needs of today’s organizational requirements. Listed in this section is a small sample of our professional development offering. If you don’t see what you need listed here, please contact us; odds are, one of our over 40 coaches has likely developed the exact program you require.

In a recent study of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) , it was found that 34% of working IEPs said that their employers do not have the resources to address cultural and new Canadian issues in the workplace.

Leading Canadian companies are using diversity as an advantage to meet their corporate goals. The many benefits include the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled workforce, better positions within global markets, increased creativity and innovation as well as higher overall corporate performances.

This program addresses individuals’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours while developing intercultural competencies. t is based on empirical data from the researchers at the Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.*

RADAR™ builds on the strengths of high performers who want to identify opportunities for further growth. In this program, participants identify behaviours that may be hindering higher
performance. Participants will develop skills to support productive change and accountability. The outcome is a higher level of self-leadership that translates into action to achieve desired results.

Superior Presentations will help you deliver your message with a winning edge. Every time you speak you are competing with all the other thoughts, concerns and distractions in the minds of your audience. You might get only one chance to deliver your message, so ensure you present with confidence and engage the audience.