Sales Development

Every business depends on profitable sales growth yet it eludes most companies. TAC has been helping businesses and individuals since 1984 to sell more with less effort. Whether it’s selling consumer goods or concepts, from traditional sales roles and customer service to professional services and fundraising, we can help your organization exceed its sales targets.

Regardless of your products or services, the principles of successful selling remain the same. Pure Selling™ will show you how to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it! Pure Selling™ is a proven program developed and refined right here in Canada.

This program helps sales professionals build their skills and confidence by reinforcing techniques with proven results.

Pure Selling™ is suitable for any organization, industry and person with a desire to grow. In fact, it’s not just for ‘sales people’, but anyone who needs to develop business and relationships in order to succeed.

Pure Selling Essentials™ is based on the best-selling book with the same name by Wayne Vanwyck and is  a condensed version of our full sales program Pure Selling.  It is a holistic approach to the life of a salesperson and contains a step-by-step formula for success.

Participants will learn to identify top payoff activities and prioritize their time accordingly. They will also recognize barriers to personal success and diminish stress as they deal effectively with change. The result is closing more sales!