Decisions are more relevant when they are based on data, not simply supposition. TAC provides measurement tools to assess leadership effectiveness, coaching effectiveness, employee engagement, sales effectiveness, self-leadership perception, job fit, and job competencies. We can also create customized surveys for almost any requirement.

Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your organization, can help you make the best strategic decisions for the future. Certain elements of your organizational climate will give you a good indicator of the health and well-being of your company and help you make more informed decisions about the future.

The CORE Strategy assessment (CORE = Climate, Organization, Relationships, Employees) has been developed to facilitate a strategic planning process. Knowing the perceptions of the employees, leadership team, board, etc. will increase the likelihood of  successfully implementing the strategic plan.

Research shows that one of the things that separates high performing organizations from the others is a commitment to regularly obtain candid feedback from employees on issues critical to the organization’s success. Providing the organization with a method to give feedback in a confidential, non-partisan environment is crucial to supporting a climate of trust resulting in higher employee engagement.

The CORE Strengths Assessment (CORE = Climate, Organization, Relationships, Employees) has been developed to measure the attributes that impact employee engagement. CORE provides the organization with an overview of employee perception of performance in 17 key areas. The resulting report summarizes these areas ranked according to greatest development need, plus more detailed data to demonstrate the responses that contributed to overall scores.

With CORE, you’ll be able to quickly identify the issues most likely to impact your ability to engage, attract and retain your employees.

The Results-Centred 360 (RC360) leadership assessment is the perfect tool for assessing the differences between a leader’s perceptions and those of their manager, their peers and their direct reports. This comprehensive assessment is designed by experts to give leaders the insight they need to improve their performance. The questions have been designed so the RC360 is effective as a stand-alone measurement tool, as part of a comprehensive coaching program, or in tandem with the Results-Centred Leadership program.

A sense of self-awareness can go a long way in accomplishing great things in the work place. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how they appear to others, what their strengths are or even what really irritates their co-workers. Often, managers provide little, if any, productive feedback on job performance or interaction with team members. Fortunately, we have a solution.

RADAR 180™ is an assessment that provides a collective view of the individual from their co-workers’ perspectives. Using the responses to over 50 questions, this evaluation allows the individual to see how their peers perceive them in a number of areas critical to organizational success.

RADAR 180™ can be used as a stand-alone assessment, to support coaching efforts, or in tandem with the RADAR™ self-leadership program.
The seven assessment categories include:

The Pure Selling Skills Assessment™ identifies areas of sales team strength, uncovers areas for development, and provides them insights to coach their sales team efficiently and effectively.

The Pure Selling Skills Assessment™ will measure the gap between what your sales team knows in specific areas, how they perform in that area, and how important that area is to their success. Reports can be created for an entire team or for individuals on a team.