Coaching for Success

Features / Topics

Coaching For Success™ gives a foundation for coaching within an organization while providing insight into the proven value of coaching, the importance of communication to that process and what should be expected in one-on-one coaching sessions.

It is a great introductory program for anyone in the organization that is initiating coaching as a key communication and development tool. This program can be used as a natural follow-up for managers who have already participated in Results Centred Leadership™ as an opportunity to consolidate the learning.


After successfully completing this coaching training program, each person will understand:

  • the value and importance of coaching to deliver improved results
  • how to get people motivated
  • how to get the most value from a one-on-one coaching session

Other key take-aways of the program include:

  • tools for dealing with performance issues of others
  • comprehending the importance of better communication
  • understanding how to delegate more effectively
  • appreciating the value of mutual agreement

Completing the course will provide a clear outline of the coaching process.


Coaching for Success™ can be presented as a 2-day workshop, 5 four-hour sessions or 10 two-hour sessions. The time will vary depending upon the use. The program includes an action/application binder with learning exercises, summary and critical learning points. Learning is supported by exercises, case studies, and role-plays and games. It is led by a certified facilitator.