CORE Strategy

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Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your organization, can help you make the best strategic decisions for the future. Certain elements of your organizational climate will give you a good indicator of the health and well-being of your company and help you make more informed decisions about the future.

The CORE Strategy survey (CORE = Climate, Organization, Relationships, Employees) has been developed to facilitate a strategic planning process. Knowing the perceptions of the employees, leadership team, board, etc. will increase the likelihood of  successfully implementing the strategic plan.


With the CORE Strategy survey, you will see a “snapshot” of your company. The results will likely indicate you excel in some areas and fare less so in others.

You may find that you want to drill deeper in certain areas. If you have had different departments, divisions or groups respond to the survey, you may wish to have us separate them into their own unique reports to see how different divisions rate the organization compared to others.


Working with the client to configure the report requirements, TAC handles the rest. We provide you with communication templates to advise your employees about the upcoming assessment, email each of them their confidential invite (we have methods to administer the assessment for employees without Internet access), send reminders, and then compile the final results.

These results are reviewed by a certified CORE facilitator, an executive summary is written, and the results are presented to the senior leadership team along with recommended strategies to address areas identified for improvement.