Effective Delegation

Features / Topics

Business owners and managers need to get out of the weeds and free up their time so they can focus on the opportunities that are approaching.  Organizations need people who are willing and able to take on tasks and perform at an optimal level.

Leading by example is a style of management that is limited in its results. As owner or manager of a department, your job is to train your replacement. Each member of your team is your potential successor enabling you to grow in your career as you help them grow in theirs.


The Effective Delegation course will provide you with the system and clarity to delegate effectively, while developing the skills and enthusiasm of your people to take on more responsibilities and do it exceptionally well.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Effective delegation skills vs. giving orders and assignments
  • The 8 steps of effective delegation communication
  • How to effectively delegate authority, accountability and
  • How to increase personal and team productivity with effective


This program is typically delivered as 2 three-hour sessions spaced a week apart. This allows participants to practice what they learn between sessions and report back. Paced learning, such as this, creates much stronger learning and behaviour changing outcomes.