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Strategic goal setting for bottom line results.

The truth is, most strategic plans fail to be realized for a multitude of reasons. Milestones™ is different because it not only facilitates the creation of the strategy, but puts in place a process to implement the action plan and monitor progress.

Milestones™ presents a strategic planning process for developing a long-term vision and mission supported by short-term goals. It’s designed to move the organization towards its new destination, using focused discussion by the leadership team to make real-time decisions about the future of the organization.

Milestones™ is a structured process that starts with the values, mission, and vision, but adds the elements of strategic objectives, execution, and follow-up to drive success.


By completing a comprehensive assessment of the organization and its environment, the
group will decide on:

  • Central values and mission
  • A vision of the firm
  • An overall strategy for the enterprise supported by long-term performance targets

Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced profits
  • Less worry
  • Sharper decision making
  • Clearer direction
  • Easier decision making

Putting their plan into action, the team will communicate the strategy to key stakeholders of the organization, and select someone to lead the leaders to success. As part of the process, strategy review meetings will be scheduled for the upcoming year to celebrate successes and correct missteps.


Milestones™ is designed to be facilitated over a number of sessions, each one with a specific area of focus. Participants receive learning materials (written and audio), a success planner with activities to complete, and a summary section to record final decisions. The program is facilitated by a certified trainer experienced in a wide variety of strategic planning processes.