Ownership Thinking

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Ownership Thinking™ helps businesses unleash their potential by creating an organization of employees who think and act like owners. This unique program has been implemented in hundreds of companies with amazing results. It is quite possible for Ownership Thinking™ companies to double their profits in the first year of implementing the program! Within months of launching Ownership Thinking™ clients report higher engagement, focus, and performance.


In 2008 we tripled our bottom line and distributed over $300K in profits to our employees! Pretty miraculous results. Ownership Thinking was the best investment we have made.

~ Steve Winter, Owner and CEO, ERGOS Technology


The Benefits of Ownership Thinking™:

  • Maintain a higher morale in the workplace
  • Decrease staff turn-over
  • Increase the productivity amongst staff
  • Increase accountability and profitability
  • Teaches your employees the fundamentals of business and finance

Ownership Thinking™ promotes development, while increasing visibility & accountability.  Employees are taught the fundamentals of business and finance, so that they are better equipped to make decisions that are financially sound. The program emphasizes identifying the most critical leading, activity-based measures and utilizing those to forecast results on a regular, formal basis. Employee education and focusing on the right measures in an environment of high visibility and accountability will increase your organization’s profitability – guaranteed.


Prior to coming on site, an appraisal is administered. After compiling the information, materials will be tailored for you and implemented on site through video sessions, discussions and planning.

Every employee in the company is surveyed about engagement and other business matters, then involved in the initial training. The leadership team works with a certified facilitator to develop key performance indicators, identify steering committee members, and create a self-funding incentive plan for employees. The program is launched to the employees, the incentive plan is reviewed and goals & objectives are discussed. The facilitator then works with the steering committee over the first year to ensure success.

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