Prevue APS Pro

Features / Topics

The Prevue APS Pro allows you to find the top candidates for a job without the hassle of managing the details. Your time is freed up to focus on what’s important – hiring top talent to grow your business.

The APS is connected with hundreds of free and paid online job boards around the world. Prevue helps you craft your job ads and pushes them out to as many job boards as you like. Every response is tracked, so you know which sites are the most beneficial to you.



  • Your Logo and corporate colours
  • Integrated with your company main site or stand alone
  • Easy to use/friendly process for applications
  • Customized candidate data collection
  • Job Specific Screening Questions
  • Job Fit Testing Technology
  • Applicants take Prevue Assessments and are matched against your customized Job Fit Benchmarks
  • Prioritizes candidates based on corporate screening and Job Fit testing
  • Provides candidate tracking and organization


TAC will create a branded career page that will integrate seamlessly with your website, including embedded pictures and videos to promote your company.

The application process is simple and intuitive. Values are assigned to your candidate screening question answers so you can see who’s most qualified, immediately. Those scores can be combined with our pre-employment testing scores, giving you a complete picture.

Your APS comes pre-loaded with auto-response emails (which are fully customizable) so you can quickly let applicants know you received their resume. The Applicant Dashboard shows you everything you need—your applicants, their screening question scores, pre-employment testing scores, their application status, plus much more, all in one view.

Client Feedback:

The tool is easy to use and was up and running within a day of implementation. It has completely changed the way we handle recruitment and I have a great deal of confidence in the system based on our results to date. The ATS system also helps Glenbriar Technologies present itself and its brand as an employer of choice.

Christine Padaric, VP HR – Ontario Division
Glenbriar Technologies Inc.