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The Prevue™ Employee Assessment can help you facilitate better hiring and promotion decisions by providing objective information for people-related evaluations. This tool helps clarify individual strengths for employee performance & development purposes and delivers results with Internet efficiency.


Prevue™’s employee assessment provides information about a candidate’s abilities, interests, motivation, and personality traits. When used with a customized benchmark, these reports compare the candidate to those of top job performers with an overall percentage of job suitability. Suggested interview questions are included.

Prevue Screen is a cost-effective personality questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Intended to be used in high volumes, this screening assessment provides a clear indicator of Doubtful, Possible or Good, based on a Prevue Benchmark.

The Prevue Screen is meant to be used in conjunction with the world renowned job-fit Prevue Assessments.  Prevue Screen enables hiring managers to see, based on the three screening indicators, if a person should be moved to the next stage of the hiring process.

Coaching and Development
Prevue™ can also assist management in determining areas of coaching and training that could improve the performance of a current employee, including what type of instruction would be appropriate for that individual.

Succession Planning
Determining what jobs within an organization best suit an individual can help in succession planning. By comparing an individual to a range of internal job benchmarks, or comparing a number of employees to a specific job, the organization can make decisions to match talent to needs, or assess what additional skills someone may need to grow into a new role.

Prevue™ Job Fit benefits include:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Positive work environment


Prevue™ reports are used for various applications in positions from the shop floor to the executive suite.

Prevue™ is easy to use. After the participant completes an online assessment, The Achievement Centre (TAC) receives instant notification, and runs the appropriate reports based on the scope of the project. A trained TAC coach then reviews the results, and presents them to the client who in turn uses them for selection, coaching, or succession planning.

You will be provided with a report with easy-to-read results.