Pure Selling Essentials

Features / Topics

The Pure Selling Essentials™ is based on the best-selling book with the same name by Wayne Vanwyck. It is a condensed version of our full sales program, and is recommended as a primer for more extensive training, or a refresher for those who have completed Pure Selling™.

Pure Selling Essentials™ participants will be able to:

  • Identify top “payoff” activities and prioritize time accordingly
  • Recognize the classic barriers to personal success
  • Diminish stress and deal more effectively with change
  • Close more sales


Pure Selling Essentials™ will:

  • Promote action and sustainable results
  • Take a holistic approach to the life of a salesperson
  • Contain a step-by-step formula for success in selling, building awareness about what is required to create and sustain success
  • Incorporate current sales tools and marketing processes

The Pure Selling Essentials™ focuses first on the sales person as a person. This program will help you understand your self-image and confidence, and the importance they play in building meaningful business relationships. It also includes tried and tested sales techniques that differentiate your sales process from the traditional sales approach.


The Pure Selling Essentials™ is facilitated for groups over 2-3 days. It includes written learning materials, exercises, and personal assessments – all completed in class. The Pure Selling Essentials™ is led by a certified facilitator with real-world experience. The program is based on practical experiences for today’s business environment and will help anybody who sells or influences to be more effective.