Pure Selling Skills Assessment

Features / Topics

The Pure Selling Skills Assessment™ identifies areas of sales team strength, uncovers areas for development, and provides them insights to coach their sales team efficiently and effectively.

The Pure Selling Skills Assessment™ will measure the gap between what your sales team knows in specific areas, how they perform in that area, and how important that area is to their success. Reports can be created for an entire team or for individuals on a team.


Armed with the results of the Pure Selling Skills Assessment™, an organization can benefit from:

  • Understanding where best to invest finite resources
  • Which areas of sales development to prioritize
  • How to leverage areas of strength
  • Effective team building
  • Higher employee morale
  • Better sales results
  • Improved customer service
  • Higher revenue and profit for the organization


Team members will complete a confidential Internet-based assessment. After your employees complete the survey, the data is collected and analyzed by a certified Pure Selling Skills Assessment™ facilitator. The results are compiled and an in-depth colour report of the findings will be presented to you, along with their recommendations for moving forward.