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A sense of self-awareness can go a long way in accomplishing great things in the work place. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how they appear to others, what their strengths are or even what really irritates their co-workers. Often, managers provide little, if any, productive feedback on job performance or interaction with team members. Fortunately, we have a solution.

RADAR 180™ is an assessment that provides a collective view of the individual from their co-workers’ perspectives. Using the responses to over 50 questions, this evaluation allows the individual to see how their peers perceive them in a number of areas critical to organizational success.

RADAR 180™ can be used as a stand-alone assessment, to support coaching efforts, or in tandem with the RADAR™ self-leadership program.
The seven assessment categories include:

  • Responsibility
  • Awareness
  • Development
  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Strengths
  • Areas for Development


RADAR 180™ provides candid feedback to understand one’s strengths and help eliminate “blind spots”.  The assessment encourages an individual to embrace self-leadership techniques to better understand where their strengths lie and which areas will benefit from some self-improvement.

The outcomes for an organization can be transformational, resulting in better team performance and improved bottom line results.

The resulting report is a great communication tool for managers and coaches. By completing the assessment and reviewing the results, the individual bridges the gap between their perception of themselves and the perceptions of those around him/her.


The RADAR 180™ assessment is made up of over 50 online questions which are posed to co-workers who respond confidentially. Once all respondents have completed the assessment, the data is collected and analyzed by a certified facilitator.

An in-depth colour report of the findings is presented to the individual, along with our recommendations for moving forward.