Features / Topics

RADAR™ builds on the strengths of high performers who want to identify opportunities for further growth. In this program, participants identify behaviours that may be hindering higher performance. Participants will develop skills to support productive change and accountability. The outcome is a higher level of self-leadership that translates into action to achieve desired results.

RADAR stands for Responsibility, Awareness, Development, Accountability and Results.


RADAR™ can help organizations achieve better bottom line results through:

  • More motivated and productive staff
  • Increased results and team effectiveness
  • People who accept responsibility, accountability and are focused on goals & solutions
  • Increased retention

RADAR™ can help individuals to perform better through:

  • Recognition of behaviours that drain energy
  • Strategies for desired change
  • More enjoyable relationships with those around them
  • Higher productivity with less effort
  • Satisfaction from being a more productive contributor to their team
  • If they are a team leader, new techniques to manage team dynamics


RADAR™ includes written learning materials, audio files, and a success planner for easier learning and retention, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life and greater satisfaction resulting from enhanced effectiveness professionally and personally.