Results-Centred Teamwork

Features / Topics

Results-Centred Teamwork™ (RCT) promotes goal-setting, communication, synergy, action and most significantly, results!

Use RCT as a stand-alone leadership training program or as a follow-up to the leadership development program, Results-Centred Leadership™. It is the next generation of team training.

The Results-Centred Teamwork™ leadership training program harnesses and builds the skills and knowledge of team members and forges them into a high-performing work unit.


Using problem-solving and goal-setting, this teamwork training process:

  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Produces improved results
  • Creates stronger coaching bonds between teams and their team leaders
  • Generates an organization-wide, coaching network based on mutual respect and trust

The Benefits of Results-Centred Teamwork™

  • Builds individual skill sets and confidence to prepare individuals for teamwork
  • Ensures that individual team members are accountable for their own actions and results
  • Brings about specific changes in behaviour, resulting in improved, measurable results
  • Focuses on team members being responsible for their own success as well as for the success of the team
  • Fosters an environment where regular, effective communication becomes the operating style
  • Demonstrates how team members can deal effectively with potential conflict in an easy and timely manner
  • Creates a loyal, motivated, creative and results-oriented team


Results-Centred Teamwork™ is divided into 9 sessions led by a certified facilitator. It includes written learning materials, audio files, and a success planner for easier learning and retention. The program provides step-by-step practice and exercises to reinforce key concepts. It is based on practical experiences for today’s business environment and applies both personally and in the business world, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life.