Transition Attractiveness Assessment

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As a business owner, you will transition away from your business one way or another. With proper planning, you will hopefully do it on your terms. Whether it’s an outside buyer, a financial investor, an internal purchaser, or a family succession, you will need a sense of the sale worthiness and value of your business no matter which path of transition you choose.

An important first step, is to understand how attractive your business will be to potential buyers. The Achievement Centre has extensively researched tools available for transition planning and settled upon a suite of industry-leading assessment and analytic tools to assist with this most important process.


By asking you, the business owner, a set of succinct questions, our experienced transition advisors will input your responses, generate a report, interpret the data, and create a high level summary. This will provide insight into just how likely it is that another party or parties might be interested in acquiring your business.

Providing you this data will help you, through the lens of an objective advisor, determine the viability of your business beyond your ownership, which is a key component to assessing current value. Presuming the data supports a succession plan for the business, you then can focus on the readiness of your business for a future transition.


One of our business transition advisors will spend approximately one hour with you, asking a series of questions about your business. This information is assessed and we will generate a raw report for analysis.

The advisor reviews and interprets the data and creates a summary document of their findings. The summary document, along with the full Attractiveness Assessment, is presented to you. As always, all information gathered through this process is kept confidential and is only shared with individuals you so choose. Based on the results of the above report, you can then decide whether to assess the readiness of the business for a future transition.