RADAR 180 Self-Leadership Survey

The RADAR 180 self-leadership survey provides a collective view of the individual from their co-workers’ perspectives. It provides candid feedback to understand one’s strengths and help eliminate “blind spots.” The survey encourages an individual to embrace self-leadership techniques to better understand where their strengths lie and which areas will benefit from some self-improvement.

Identify Strengths and Blind Spots

The survey can be used as a stand-alone survey, to support coaching efforts, or in tandem with the RADAR self-leadership program.

It can be used as designed or you can customize it by adding or removing questions, categories, and user groups.

The standard format compares your opinions of yourself to those of everyone else in the following categories: Responsibility, Awareness, Development, Accountability, and Results (hence the acronym RADAR).

Get Valuable Feedback

With the RADAR 180 survey, you can start your commitment to leverage your strengths and focus on development. Contact us to learn more!