Results-Centred 360 Survey

The Results-Centred 360 (RC360) leadership survey is the perfect tool for comparing a leader’s perceptions with those of their manager, their peers and their direct reports. But unlike some 360 surveys, you can customize the audience to add additional layers of participants. Even better, the questions themselves are customizable: add, remove, or edit questions to suit the position or business needs. Surveys are now used by most companies to collect and measure various opinions of employees.

Development Opportunities

This comprehensive report will give leaders the insight they need to improve their performance. After reviewing the results, a leader will have the information they need to understand their own strengths and development opportunities.

The questions have been designed so the RC360 is effective as a stand-alone measurement tool, as part of a comprehensive coaching program, or in tandem with the Results-Centred Leadership™ program.

The standard survey covers the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Productivity
  • Motivation
  • Coaching Others
  • Communication
  • Performance Issues
  • Team Building
  • Managing Stress
  • Leading Change

Within each topic are multiple questions related to that competency.

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