Thirty-Five Years of History continued


Wayne soon rented an office in the lower level of a strip mall in Waterloo. As with any new business, money was tight, so Wayne got creative with his customers. One of his early clients was Krug Office Furniture and he bartered his training services for a beautiful desk, credenza and 12 foot board room table. Later he bartered for a new car with a local Chrysler dealer, a 26” television and his first computer. Including what he bartered, The Achievement Centre Waterloo did $150,000 in sales the first year. This early success confirmed that Wayne had made the right decision and this was going to work.


One day, they discovered four inches of water in their lower level office and fish swimming around! It seems the office was next to a creek and a storm water valve had opened and reversed the flow from the creek to into the building. After the cleanup, Wayne negotiated an office on the second floor, next to a local business that started that very same year – Research In Motion. The techies from RIM weren’t very sociable and unfortunately they weren’t able to get a relationship going at the time. If only Wayne had known where they would end up, he would have tried harder to get them as a client! There’s probably a lesson there.