Thirty-Five Years of History

In September of 1984, Wayne Vanwyck was a father to two young kids and married to Dawna, who worked part time as a nurse. He had 8 years’ sales experience at Lutheran Life Insurance but was looking for more.

After personally investing in a Dale Carnegie sales course, Wayne discovered a passion. He took some additional courses and eventually was facilitating groups of sales professionals for the insurance company. During this time Wayne was acting as Sales Manager and while he enjoyed the recruiting and training aspect of his job, he did not particularly like the day-to-day management responsibilities. He was restless and looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Wayne made a list of all the things he could do as a career and Training came to the top of the list. He approached the president of Lutheran Life and proposed that they hire him as their internal sales trainer. He liked the idea, but said they didn’t have it in the budget for a couple more years. Business card photo - 1986

Given Wayne’s love of training and developing others, someone suggested he look into a company called Canadian Training and Development Group (CTDG). He immediately saw they had everything he could hope to develop himself for a training business plus a lot more credibility and experience. Two weeks later, he joined. Believing in the power of positive thinking, he called his business
The Achievement Centre Waterloo.

Wayne’s first clients were friends/colleagues at Lutheran Life and from them he got referrals, and was soon hosting his first public class. Meetings were conducted in people’s homes and focused on personal goal-setting.

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