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Invest in your people through strategic planning, leadership development, sales training, and other topics to take control of your situation and your satisfaction. Continuous learning will not only aid in self-awareness but will also contribute to your skillset and feeling of fulfillment.


Whether you’re leading an organization, coaching a team, or looking for some personal leadership development, TAC has facilitator-led programs and certified coaches to provide the commitment, guidance, support, and accountability to help you be the best leader and coach you can be.

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A relevant strategy will align the organization around common goals. Putting time into developing values, vision, mission, and strategic objectives will provide your organization with an effective strategy.

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Every business depends on profitable sales growth, yet it eludes most companies. TAC helps businesses and individuals sell more with less effort. Whether it’s selling consumer goods or concepts, traditional sales roles or professional services and fundraising, we can help your organization exceed its sales targets.

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Words from Our Clients

Clients contact TAC looking for both traditional and unique training needs. This client was looking for sales training to help them help their clients reduce energy use and save money!

This program has helped me to understand myself better so I can continue to work on my advantages to improve my overall performance within my organization. I feel much more aware of myself in how and why I react to certain situations; I now have the tools and understanding to be much more confident in the workplace.

Amanda Chaisson

Pure Selling participant, London Hydro

I recommend this course to everyone, especially those making a huge career change or those getting involved in start-ups and small businesses. This program really boosted my self-esteem and confidence and helped me recognize the potential I have to be successful if I take the right steps.

Sunera Rahman

RADAR participant, Forest City SynBio

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