The Confidence to Improve Your Sales

Friday, December 9 2022

Are you looking to increase sales success for yourself or your team?  Consider focusing on self-confidence. It can be key to helping a customer believe in you and your ability to solve their problems.  Even if you have the best product, goals, and training, customers will sense a lack of confidence, and the sale can fall apart. Commit to developing the confidence to improve your sales.

Could you or your team benefit from a confidence boost?  Consider these ideas:

Stop Thinking of “Sales” as a Dirty Word

I start sales training by asking participants to tell me the first thing they think of when they hear the word “sales.” The usual response is not positive, but perhaps you guessed that…

Time after time we find that an individual’s confidence in selling is impacted by their desire to not be perceived as a stereotypical, old-style, often unethical salesperson.

Building confidence in your ability to sell may start by changing your perception of sales.  Today’s professional salesperson is a helper, a guide, and a problem solver. They gain the client’s trust and garners sales by acting in the best interest of the customer.

Would it help if you considered yourself a “Professional Problem Solver” instead of a “Salesperson?” Sometimes that small change in attitude makes a world of difference.

Gaining Confidence to Improve Your Sales

In sales there will be objections – many of them. When you’re not prepared, an objection produces stress, sending your brain into fight or flight mode and reducing your ability to think on your feet, so you may find yourself stammering, saying something cringe-worthy, losing the sale.

Prepare for an objection and it will feel less like a threat. Not only does your brain process your thoughts more efficiently, but you are also more likely to be able to pull an effective response from your memory banks and handle the objection like a pro. Preparation leads to the sale.

Focus on Things You’re Doing Well

It’s easy to dwell on what we’re doing wrong and spend too much time thinking about negatives that can erode confidence. We can create confidence when we pay attention to our successes, including the little ones we often overlook.  Look for and make note of what you do well – your skills, abilities, talents and attributes. Practice doing this weekly, daily, and on the fly.

Building confidence starts with the courage to try something new.  Contact us to discuss what you can start doing today. Click here to receive our Focus articles.