Sales Training

Selling skills are required in many roles, from traditional business development to securing sponsors for fundraising. How can you discover the key to unlock sales success? You’ll be sure to see measurable results with our sales development programs.

Pure Selling

Sales can seem intimidating. But, learning some foundational principles that apply to all areas of sales and business development will provide confidence and a plan for success. Pure Selling demonstrates how to build relationships, discover prospective clients and build a business from referrals. Participants will discover how powerful questions can be and what to do when you hear “no”. 

 This program will help sales professionals set and track goals for themselves and understand the power of “slight edge” thinking.

Pure Selling Essentials

Pure Selling Essentials will help you discover your untapped potential! This is a condensed version of our full sales training program and will help sales professionals understand their self-image, confidence, and the importance they play in building meaningful business relationships. It also includes tested sales techniques that differ from the traditional sales approach.

This program offers a refresher for established salespeople and effective foundational sales training for new and junior sales professionals. Participants will learn to identify top payoff activities and prioritize their time accordingly. They will also recognize barriers to personal success and diminish stress as they deal effectively with change. The result is closing more sales!

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