A Positive Attitude Fuels Leadership

Tuesday, May 31 2022

We often hear that to become a good leader the most important thing is attitude. But what does that mean? How does my attitude influence my leadership? Attitude is a state of mind that is expressed in our actions and it is governed by our will to perform and react in a specific way. Since a leader has a great responsibility to motivate, guide, and build trust among team members, a positive attitude is crucial to achieving successful results in the organization.

Attitude Can Ruin Leadership

I had lunch with a former management co-worker, who was well educated, had great management skills and extensive experience. However, as we talked I noticed that my former colleague had become negative and grumpy, complaining about everything, the team’s poor performance; staff turnover; and the company’s lack of support. The poison of a negative attitude had spoiled his leadership and he wasn’t even aware of it.

So, can you inspire, motivate, build trust, and lead with a poor attitude? No, you cannot, it doesn’t work. We occasionally forget that positive attitude is a personal choice that we make every day. The good news is that if you change it, you will feel better; communication will improve; stress will decrease; and staff productivity will be stimulated. A leader with a positive attitude helps employees to achieve their goals.

Check Your Attitude

How can you know if your attitude is affecting your team’s results?

Do your personnel ask for your advice? You need to know if your team prefers to ask someone else rather than seek your support.

Do you know how your team scores you for empathy and trust? Although you are not in a popularity contest, employees who have faith and trust in their leader are more likely to build strong positive relationships with them.

Are you frequently frustrated because others don’t see things your way? Clarifying is excellent but watch out if your conversations are frequently negative or confrontational.

Do you have difficulty attracting and retaining talent? Talented people want to work with those talented leaders who have a positive attitude.

If you still don’t know whether your attitude as a leader is affecting your team’s performance, a professional survey like CORE Strengths is a great tool to build awareness of your strengths and challenges. It can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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