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why is bill gates smiling now
Succession & Transition Planning Community Giving Social Responsibility

Why Is Bill Gates Smiling Now?

Wayne Vanwyck - You would think that over the years, Bill Gates would ha...

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strategy of giving generously
Organization & Strategy Behaviour Generosity Kindness

Strategy of Giving Generously

Kristina Schmitt - In September 2022 Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagoni...

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show gratitude
Sales Behaviour Gratitude Kindness

Show Gratitude and Pass it On

 Ken Ingram - I believe in taking stock, the most important aspect of wh...

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sharing creates value
Leadership Generosity Kindness Sharing

Sharing Creates Value

Carlos Hiroshi - Those who have inspired us with their generosity have i...

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Soft skills and succession planning
Succession & Transition Planning Behaviour Change Planning

Soft Skills and Succession Planning

Marc Lacoursière - Many methods of business valuation are based on thing...

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soft skills and team behaviours
Organization & Strategy Behaviour Learning Vision

Soft Skills and Team Behaviours

Kristina Schmitt - Once upon a time a team was asked to create behaviour...

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