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reframing sales conversations
Sales Business Tools Performance Profit

Reframing Sales Conversations

When a customer identifies and buys a product or service with little or ...

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the pursuit of happiness
Succession & Transition Planning Life and Health People Values and Qualities

The Pursuit of Happiness

Entrepreneurship could be seen as the ultimate adventure in the pursuit ...

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Sales Learning Life and Health People Values and Qualities

EI Improves Sales Performance

Emotional Intelligence can be improved through meditation, reflection, j...

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make appropriate decisions
Sales Customer Service Performance Profit

Make Appropriate Decisions

Professional selling must start with the assumption that the salesperson...

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the power of vision
Organization & Strategy Learning Performance Planning

The Power of Vision

I’m a cathedral builder. I’m building a cathedral. Many of us know the s...

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Recharge to sell effectively
Sales Behaviour Sales Values and Qualities

Recharge to Sell Effectively

A great sales rep I know is always charged up. He is invariably energeti...

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