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effective listening
Leadership Listening Values and Qualities

Listen Effectively

Ken Ingram - In the1960 American Comedy show Get Smart the Cone of Silen...

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a listening organization
Organization & Strategy Life and Health Values and Qualities

A Listening Organization

Employees, who satisfy their primary needs at work, gain job satisfactio...

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make people your strongest link
Leadership Business Tools Coaching People Performance

Make People your Strongest Link

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This old adage holds true...

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create your dreams
Sales Change People Performance Planning

Create Your Dreams

It seems presumptuous to suggest that you can create the future. Most pe...

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a sales vision
Sales Coaching Planning

A Sales Vision

Bill Gates had a sales vision of “A computer on every desk and in every ...

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build by design
Organization & Strategy Business Tools Change Learning Performance

Business by Design

The book Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linker is a great reminder of how ...

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