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Sales Behaviour Change Profit

Procrastination in Sales

By Karen Tippett - Early in my career I had a sign made that reads: With...

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Leadership Change People Procrastinate Soft skills

Procrastinate at Your Peril

By Kristina Schmitt - People procrastinate for many reasons. Some claim ...

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Succession & Transition Planning Change Exit Planning

Succession and Storytelling

By Kristina Schmitt - I love a good story. The hero is faced with a diff...

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Wise men talk because they have something to say
Organization & Strategy Business Tools Planning Values and Qualities

Storytelling As Strategy

By Ken Ingram - Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools,...

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The benefits of storytelling
Sales Behaviour Human Interest Performance Values and Qualities

The Benefits of Storytelling

By Joe O'Neill - One of the key concepts we teach in our Pure Selling pr...

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Leadership Attitude Direction Préparer

À quel point êtes-vous préparés ?

Par Ken Ingram - La confiance en soi vient de la préparation. Je me s...

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