Ask Your Team

Friday, June 7 2024

ask your team
What benefits are you missing when you make decisions completely on your own?  It can be natural to want to make decisions in isolation. It might feel faster, easier, and more effective; but if you ask your team for their input, what results could you achieve by increasing the involvement of your team in your decision-making process?

Ask Your Team

Ask people for their ideas and include them in the decision-making process. It demonstrates that you believe in them and their abilities; that you value what they think and what they have to say. This increases their trust in you and your decisions, making it easier for you to lead them to enhanced results. In return, you will see increased buy-in, motivation, commitment, and trust.

Instead of imposing sales goals and plans upon them, coach your team members to create their own. Give them the opportunity to provide input into the goals and plans of the organization. This increases buy-in, commitment, and self-motivation. Give them the opportunity to create their own goals and they will work harder to achieve them.

Different Perspectives and Bigger Goals

We all see the world from our own point of view. This means we may be missing things or seeing matters in a way that is holding us back. Your sales team may have ideas about an income stream, customer base, or marketing technique that you haven’t considered. Asking for input before making a decision allows you to expand your viewpoint and seize opportunities you may otherwise miss.

It’s easy to be skeptical and think that given the opportunity to set their own goals team members will aim lower than your expectations. However, they may aim higher than you were dreaming. You may be surprised how high people can aim, and reach.

Reduction in Stress

Negative stress can result when plans are created and imposed upon people without allowing them to be involved in the decision-making process. Sharing information and involving the team can help alleviate this negative stress and create an environment where people are best able to achieve their goals.

Greater Results

Consider including the team next time you set sales goals, create plans, or select sales trainingPure Selling.  Involving team members in decisions can take more time. It does require more effort in the short-term. However, in the long run the effort can lead to greater results, achieved by a team of people who are more trusting, committed, and motivated.