Become a Sales Leader

Friday, September 6 2019

Sales leaders focus on priorities. They don’t get bogged down doing stuff that doesn’t matter. They live by Pareto’s 80/20 Rule:

  • 20% of your customers account for 80% of your revenue.
  • 20% of your salespeople usually produce 80% of the sales.
  • 20% of your inventory represents 80% of your sales.
  • 20% of your activities produce 80% of the results that are important to you.

If that is accurate in your business, then the reverse is also true: 80% of your customers, salespeople, inventory, and actions get you only 20% of what you want.

If I were a new salesperson in your firm, I would ask, “What do I have to do consistently every day, in order to become the most successful sales person in the company? What actions would ensure that I would lead the field if only I did them well every single day?”

Do you have an answer? Because if you don’t you are at risk of losing that potential leader. And if you could answer the question for your new protégé, the answer is equally important to you right now. This is what YOU should be doing every day.

So what is the success formula in your business? Make the list. It has to be a list that is absolutely going to guarantee success. It should only require five or six items. Such as:

  • 30 minutes of planning and reviewing your goals at the beginning of the day.
  • Make X number of phone calls to existing clients to discuss their current needs.
  • Make X number of phone calls to new prospects to schedule appointments.
  • Research all prospects before the first appointment.
  • Maintain sound personal health habits to keep your energy levels high and build personal resilience: 30 – 60 minutes of exercise daily and 6 – 7 hours of sleep a night.
  • Go to X number of face-to-face meetings with clients or prospects.
  • 30 minutes of study. Get to know your business, products, industry and customers. Knowledge builds confidence.
  • Write proposals or quotes and deliver them in person to the prospect.

What’s your list? What daily activities would guarantee your success? Once you’ve made that list, ask this question. “If I look at where I’m spending my time now, how much of it is on my success list?” Spend more time there and less time on other stuff. That’s what sales leaders do.