Build Commitment

Sunday, July 16 2023

We all crave meaningful work that adds value to society. How do you build commitment that generates a positive impact on your market and for your community?

Build commitment to a worthwhile mission.

Articulate what your organization contributes to your community and society. This ensures that everyone can play a part. Your mission is a focal point for long-term decisions and actions. When your organization accomplishes something significant, everyone has contributed toward this achievement.

Be committed to your people.

Commitment is a two-way street. When your organization’s actions support people, they feel important because part of the organization’s mission is to reap benefits for them. Combined with clearly expressed values and strong standards for how people work together, your commitment sets the organization above others as a place to work.

Help people build commitment.

Individuals want to see how they can contribute to what your organization accomplishes. So, after sharing your mission, execute programs to help each person identify their contribution. First, help leaders identify the purpose of each functional unit within the mission, then facilitate the same process for each team that contributes to the department. Then, have managers work with each individual to craft a statement describing what they, in their job, contribute to the team, the department and the organization’s mission.

Everyone now sees the value of what they do.

Commit to growth.

Growth is a basic human need. When you invest in training to help people succeed with higher level decisions and actions, they become more committed to what they are doing. Invest in training in leadership, teamwork, technology, and skills that facilitate making greater contributions.

Help people achieve greater successes.

Work to build challenging, measurable performance goals. Outline plans for achievement, including resulting benefits, milestones and the actions required to make them come about.  Ensure individuals track their unfolding successes and results.

Celebrate the accomplishment of each milestone by acknowledging results publicly, then emphasize individual and collective contributions. When they fall short of expectations, help them see their significant progress and contributions.

When your organization is strongly committed to a worthwhile mission and to its people, everyone benefits. Your community, society and the world are better places for everyone to live.