Do What You Love

Tuesday, December 11 2012

How would you define your perfect job?NeverWork

Would it include independence? The opportunity to dig hard when you want; yet still take time off for important family events? Would you like a job in which continuous learning and ongoing training would be available, encouraged and rewarded? Would you like to get paid what you are worth; have your efforts, creativity, and initiative rewarded? Do you like to help people? Would you like a job with a remuneration structure that means the more people you help the better you get paid? Do you like problem-solving, challenge and a dash of excitement?

Perhaps it sounds too good to be true. Do those jobs really exist? Yes, and it’s called business development, account manager, representative, or the simple, unembellished term ‘salesperson’.

If this job description is appealing let’s add another factor to make it even more exciting. Add an ingredient you are really passionate about. Do you like electronics, financial tools, real estate, kitchens, sophisticated software, printing, business services, art, furniture, wood, travel, cars, planes, trains, politics, religion…? The list is endless. What is it that you love to talk about or help people to learn about? Without a doubt, there is a job out there where you can sell it.

Over 30 years ago, I fell in love with personal development, professional development and becoming the best I could be. Even more, I fell in love with the feeling I got when I was sharing these ideas with an individual or a group and I could see their eyes light up during an ‘aha’ moment. Call me crazy but that paid such a satisfying reward that I would have done it in my spare time for free. I was over the moon to discover that people would actually pay me to do this. And pay me well.

There is another paradox that I came to understand early in my career. The value the client experienced increased exponentially when I charged more. This was heavenly! I could do what I loved, charge well for my services, develop lifelong relationships with interesting people, and help them to get value that far exceeded what they paid.

Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been ‘retired’ since the age of 29.