Multigenerational Sales Teams

Saturday, January 27 2024
multigenerational sales teams

The next sales person you hire could be Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z. Mix them in with the other generations still present in the workplace, the result is multigenerational sales teams. In order to successfully integrate new, younger individuals into the sales team it is important to put aside popularly held biases. Accept younger generations and recognize the talent and potential of those who want and need your leadership, encouragement and coaching.

No young person, of any generation, has ever come into a new career with all the necessary credentials and skills fully formed. It is the job of leaders to develop the raw talent and ambition of rookies into the skills and competencies of professionals. To write-off an entire generation as lacking “the right stuff” is an abdication of the leadership responsibility to create the next generation of sales professionals and leaders.

A few individuals behave according to the extremes of the stereotype of their generation. Most behave like previous generations of young people, with the typical hopes and ambitions of youth. These qualities, when guided by skilled leadership become the energy that drives accomplishment, as well as individual and organizational growth.

Here are four best practices for integrating new generations into your sales team:


Define the skills and qualities of your ideal salesperson and then use industry recognized job-fit assessment tools such as Prevue to mitigate negative biases that may cause hiring managers to bypass qualified and capable prospects.


Set realistic onboarding expectations for yourself, your company, and your new hires, then define professional development goals and milestones for the first year, and beyond. Celebrate accomplishments as they are achieved.


Provide purposeful, professional sales training and coaching, because sales professionalism is a learned skill; raw talent is not enough. Investments in training accelerate success and deepen organizational commitment from new team members.

Be open to new ideas

Future generations are the new consumers of your products and services, because future salespeople think like your future customers. It makes sense to seriously consider new ideas raised by your new salespeople. So, test them, and integrate the best ones into your sales systems.

The success of your multigenerational sales team has always depended on how you train and lead them. It remains true for the new generation of salespeople.

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