Results-Centred Leadership Update

Tuesday, July 18 2023

TAC is pleased to announce that Results-Centred Leadership (RCL) has undergone an update to its content. We are also proud to now be providing the materials in a spiral bound format which reduces the environmental impact of packaging while making the program easier to use. Benefits include:

  • The books can be folded over 360 degrees making them easier to use. This means each participant can work in less space, on their lap, etc.
  • Participants can make notes right up to the edge of the binding. Three ring binders are not as convenient in this way.
  • By eliminating the binders, the content is lighter making it easier to transport and saving freight costs.
  • The new format is bound into three separate documents:
    • Developing self
    • Developing others
    • Developing the organization

Less weight and packaging also means less contribution to climate change. This is a small but important contribution that TAC is pleased to undertake. We hope you enjoy our new material format!