Sharing Creates Value

Sunday, October 2 2022

 Those who have inspired us with their generosity have influenced our transformation as we pursue our goals. Their sharing creates value in our lives.

Every time we interact with another person at work, we have a choice: to add value without worrying about what we receive in return or, to get as much value as possible without worrying about others. Sharing generously is not about being so altruistic that we end up sacrificing our personal success in favour of others; rather it is about building trust and mutual care by looking for opportunities to help others, not just demanding extra work, time, and commitment.

The Habit of Giving and Sharing

Generosity in leadership means willingness to share time, energy, and resources with others; a win/win attitude that includes each and every member of their team. A generous leader takes care of the well-being and development of all their people.

Leaders who hold being generous as an essential value will demonstrate it in many ways. Leadership is a form of service and those leaders who wait for their employees to serve them risk failure. People will not care about you until they know how much you care about them.

Generosity is More than Kindness

Generous leaders inspire others to be equally generous and giving, which fosters a climate of trust and cooperation in the workplace. Encouraging people to both seek and provide help has significant and sustainable benefits for both the individual and the organization. It:

  • Sets a powerful example for others and is contagious.
  • Leads to better results.
  • Has a positive effect on the person’s own happiness.
  • Builds trust and strengthens relationships.

Our experience with many organizations shows that they obtain great benefits and improve employee productivity when knowledge, time and skills are shared freely with others. A win/win organizational culture builds collaboration and mutual support.

Are you constantly looking for ways to add value to others? Do you share what is yours to create value?

Do you want to know if your team perceives you as a generous, giving leader? Our surveys will help you to identify if those in your organization feel appreciated and supported. This knowledge will help you to develop a culture of generous collaboration and sharing that achieves results.