Stand Out From The Crowd

Sunday, September 17 2023

Make your organization stand out from the crowd by earning the confidence and esteem of every stakeholder you have. Confidence is the foundation of esteem. It develops when people trust your abilities and intention to deliver what they want.

They want your organization to do what it says it will do because a shared vision for the organization’s future is essential. Leaders get out front and take actions to move everyone together in that direction.

Stand Out from the Crowd

To create a confidence-earning organization, build self-confidence among those who work within it, then show your confidence by training and empowering individuals to decide and to act. This helps them to deliver consistent results to your customers.

Strong, clear values guide behaviour toward earning confidence. Leaders act in ways that clearly demonstrate those values. Encourage individuals to affirm the values and coach them about how to make them work.

Transparency builds confidence. When you share your successes, shortfalls, aspirations, and reasoning for decisions, people regard you as honest. They understand how the organization works for their benefit.

Esteem is high regard. Ideally, your organization is held in high regard by clients, staff, suppliers, the general public, communities, and governments.

A clear, shared mission that describes the organization’s contribution to society and the positive results it delivers creates esteem. When you focus on making the world a better place, people value your aspirations, setting your organization apart from others.

Demonstrate respect for other’s perspectives, backgrounds, choices and actions. Seek first to understand by listening and paying close attention to their words and actions.

Go beyond what is required. Voluntarily contribute to your community helping to make places and people better off because your organization exists.

Be generous about sharing your esteem for others, whether it’s a deserving employee or someone outside the company who has contributed to the community.

Esteem delivers many payoffs.  Your staff will gain self-confidence and self-respect because they feel safe, worthwhile, and competent. Your organization will be more attractive to potential clients, employees, and your community.  They will think of you first and come to you more frequently because confidence and esteem build a foundation and generate momentum for greater future success.