Stay Focused

Wednesday, November 30 2022

In sports, we often hear the expression, “Keep your eye on the ball!” When you stay focused on what is most important in your business or personal life, your success rate will increase.

Stay Focused

Focus starts with two essential building blocks:

  • A dream that represents your goal, your desire, what you want to achieve; and
  • A belief, an inner passion that is strong enough for you to overcome any objection or criticism that might be thrown at you.

Think about the many people who have believed in their dreams and achieved the success they desired. They all had one thing in common – the ability to keep focused on the end result.

A Formula for Success

The following simple steps are a formula that will help you focus and stay focused:

  1. Identify and write down the result you want to achieve, then be very specific and clear about what the end result looks like. For an excellent study on the power of written goals, refer to this study by Dominican University.
  2. Identify and write down why you want to achieve this result. Is that “why” powerful enough to motivate you to focus? Is it really your “why”? Are you passionate in your belief that you want it and can achieve it? Check your belief meter.
  3. Consider what might get in the way of your success and determine solutions to those potential obstacles, then visualize the positive results that will accrue when you overcome challenges.
  4. Write down a plan of action with specific deadlines.
  5. Share your dream/goal with an accountability partner. This might be your coach at work or, for non-work related goals, a friend or family member.
  6. Think about what support you will need. Who can help you with your goal? What processes do you need to set up to support you and keep you focused?
  7. Celebrate your successes along the way while recognizing every step you take toward your desired results will help you to stay focused and motivated.

Staying focused is a daily exercise in choosing what is important to you and ensuring that you have the passion to win. Are you keeping your eye on the ball? More important, are you keeping your eye on the RIGHT ball?

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