The Bucket List

Thursday, March 9 2023

It’s always nice when you’re able to tick a box on the bucket list. Our own coach Joe is no stranger to an arena, ballparks, stadiums… you name it. He promised himself that if he ever caught a puck or baseball, he would give it to a kid.

Joe took one of his clients, a keen junior hockey fan, to see the London Knights on the road in Kitchener against the Rangers.

In the first period, a puck came flying over Joe’s head. In the ensuing scramble above him, the puck ended up at his feet. He immediately picked it up and spotted a young lad, six or seven years old, about 12 seats down the same row. Joe immediately started walking towards him, but as he was approaching the kid, he heard a cheer coming up from the Ranger faithful. He looked up and saw that he was on the scoreboard as the camera was following him.

The biggest cheer was reserved for when he handed the little guy the puck… confident that 30 or so years from now, the boy will pay it forward and give a puck to another kid.

One off the bucket list!