The Right People

Tuesday, January 18 2022

By Carlos Hiroshi – How often do employees decide to abandon an organization due to lack of opportunity while their senior leaders are trying to figure out how to make the business grow? How often are business opportunities lost because the organization doesn’t have the right people to take care of opportunities that arise?

In our experience, business owners and senior managers agree that hiring and retaining the best individuals is a strategic priority. Yet many of them don’t know how to achieve this goal. Such companies struggle to fill key positions, and some of them continue to view career development as an employee benefit. While there are training plans in place, they may not be in sync with the company’s strategic goals and needs. An organization that plans to grow has the greatest chance of achieving its strategic goals if it possesses development plans tied to them.

Finding the Right People

Some managers still believe that they can find talented professionals by stealing from other companies. Offering premium wages, or by using the best executive recruiters. They overlook those individuals who lack the opportunity to unveil their strengths and potential.

Talent building starts from the hiring process. The use of specific tools such as job fit assessments will provide the organization with information about the candidate’s interests, strengths, and development needs. This helps to identify those who share the values, attitude, and interests of the organization. Such alignment supports new employees’ sense of belonging in the organization and reduces the turnover risk.

Look inside your organization for the right people with as yet unseen talents and ask:

  • Do you have development plans for your next generation of leaders?
  • Do you include talent building in your strategic plans to support the future of your organization?
  • Will your teams be prepared to achieve your vision for the organization?

Leaders usually agree that their people are the company’s most important asset. Retaining and making the most of talent is not always evident. One-on-one coaching and empowerment are essential to developing individuals who have ability and potential. We find that success in talent building depends on the commitment of senior management, who must be able to align training plans with the strategic goals.

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