Why Do Good Employees Leave?

Sunday, January 29 2023

One of the worst days for any manager is when a great employee submits a resignation letter. The organization will lose this person and the fantastic work they do. Why do good employees leave when the organization is so happy with their performance?

Management: Why Good Employees Leave

It is common to listen to managers complaining about their best elements quitting. And they have several reasons to complain about, they’ll need to hire someone quickly, their colleagues will struggle with the increased workload, productivity drops, and morale suffers.
Many business leaders tend to explain the turnover of their personnel to hundreds of reasons, they even accuse them of lack of commitment to the company, feeling disappointed by the unexpected leave, while ignoring the root of the problem: Good employees don’t walk away from their work, they walk away from their bosses. So when an organization loses its talents, the first place to look at is management.

Reasons Employees Leave

  • Burnout – because nothing wears out good workers like being overloaded. Getting the best out of the people doesn’t mean to push them to their limits.
  • Lack of work-life balance. People want more time with their families and avoid burnout.
  • Little or no recognition. We all like to receive signs of appreciation for our efforts, especially those people who constantly strive to be better.
  • Lack of professional opportunities. Some managers want their employees to work “inside the box” despite the fact that those who pursue their dreams improve their productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Not enough development. Being unaware of the professional needs of their people and how to link them to the progress of the company.
  • Managers without leadership skills. Team members will underperform and won’t last long if they feel there is poor communication with their managers, no respect, no trust, and little care about the people.

Good Employees Put Up with A Lot

They will look for other options  if they are not satisfied where they are currently. If you feel your company is struggling to identify what causes your best employees to leave, The Achievement Centre offers measurement tools to help you identify the issues most likely to impact your ability to engage, attract and retain your employees.